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Sail through Menopause
As we age, we have to consider the changes that come with menopause, Dr. Zena Levine has a special interest in helping women feel their best during this time of life. With time, attention and good communication, Dr. Levine offers:
  • Menopause symptom management - including the careful use of hormone replacement therapy and safe, natural alternatives.
  • Preventive care and management for osteoporosis - and other health concerns that can develop during midlife.
  • The latest solutions for abnormal bleeding and bladder control problems-including outpatient treatments, minimally invasive hysterectomy and alternatives and state-of-the-art bladder repair, all backed by Dr. Levine's 20-plus years of experience.
  • Reliable health information - along with the support and encouragement you need to take great care of yourself.

    Perimenopause - the first stage of this transition - can begin as early as the mid-30s. So if you're experiencing libido problems, sleep disturbances or other changes, call Dr. Levine. She can address these concerns right away so you can sail through menopause, feeling your best.
    Call Dr. Levine today: 408.358.3582.

    Comprehensive Gynecology
  • Well woman & preventive care
  • Family planning
  • PMS management
  • Follow up for abnormal Pap test
  • The latest solutions for abnormal     bleeding, pelvic pain & bladder     problems
  • Menopause wellness
  • Sexual health
  • Infertility
  • Personalized, attentive prenatal     care & delivery with-in office     ultrasound
    Service & Convenience

  • Prompt, flexible appointments
  • Santa Clara County IPA & most     other insurance accepted & filed
  • Major credit cards welcome
  • Premium health consultations with     Dr. Levine
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